What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

We're a local solar panel supplier offering big benefits in Cherry Hill, NJ & King of Prussia, PA

Did you know that you can generate cash income while saving on your electric bill? With Bahamian Solar Management Group LLC, you'll discover many benefits of using solar energy in your home or commercial building. Call us today to discuss your solar panel installation options.

Commercial and residential solar panel installation in Cherry Hill, NJ or King and Prussia, PA

Solar energy is the way to go in Cherry Hill, NJ & King of Prussia, PA

If you let us install solar panels at your residential or commercial property today, you can receive:

  • A 30% tax credit
  • A 30% business depreciation allowance in addition to the 30% tax credit.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates redeemable for cash value.
  • Optimizers and micro inverters with your panel system, which gives you 25% more power per panel.
  • A five-year labor warranty and a variety of extended warranties.
  • Tier-one panels and state-of-the-art inverters that come with extendable warranties.
  • Financing, leasing and power purchase agreement options.
  • Free monitoring software that will allow you to view your system from anywhere in the world.
  • A web-based application for any smartphone or tablet for ease of monitoring.
  • A battery-powered emergency backup generator.

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